Embrace Office Interiors offers a large selection of new, refurbished and pre-owned cubicles, office chairs, desking, conference rooms, lounge seating and professional installation. With our large buying power and exclusive access to top quality used product our pricing beats our competition every time. Our mission is to demonstrate to every customer, vendor, employee and partner that we care.


The features associated with Divi are monolithic permanent panels, stack and glass configs and segmented designs. Construction can occur at 60/120 degrees as well as at 45/135 degrees to suit the environments easily. The segmented panel inserts can be freely customized, however, inserts are sold conveniently with options which have been pre-configured. Due to the extremely simple and fast installations, there is a reduction in the cost for a client’s installation and both electrical and data needs are met with the 6″ base raceway.

As far as the matrix is concerned, workspaces are created in a flexible and sophisticated manner so that they can last a lifetime. The matrix supports high-end electrical capabilities since the tile system and its full frame facilitates both data and power as they are supplied to every 8 inches of height. Due to its design, all types of spaces are supported, including conference rooms, open plans, reception areas, private offices and many more. The matrix fully supports all the creative and elegant designs since all of the areas constructed are modern and collaborative along with their accessories and components alike.

The features of the matrix are as follows, it possesses both data and electrical cable holes at 8 inch height intervals. It supports a top cap channel that is electrically unimpeded, both data and electrical are also easily consolidated, hence, they fit easily into a single power tile. The matrix can also be successfully coupled with calibrated accessories and components and it even has
off modular capabilities.

MWall by AIS AND AO2

Another panel system is that of MWall. This is a simple system which is a monolithic panel and has been designed to fit into every possible working environment. Its engineering system has
been based upon another high-end wellknown system which has been enhanced and promotes both electrical options along with flexibility. It also offers is compatibility feature with other OEM systems which are similar, MWall has been proven to be one of the most economic options available when it comes to office improvement.

MWall features both glass and fabric panels of varying heights. Their base raceway facilitates both data and electrical needs and is approximately 4 inches. They have a specialized panel known as the Z-Panel which is responsible for sending both data and electrical to the height of any work surface.

AO2 is another classically designed panel and is also monolithic. This panel has been designed as a standalone and is made to be interchangeable with that of the other Embrace office furniture. AO2 features both glass and fabric panels for any heights and has a base raceway at 6 inches which meets both electrical and data needs.


Abound is of the best quality and has been created and has been known to engage the workstation and create highly inspired spaces. It offers higher quality, smarter technology, greater flexibility and is a valuable investment when it comes to a high-performance workspace. Abound has the highest expectations for its creations just like its users have the highest expectations for their business.

Abound features components which have properly been synced since they were designed to keep the other in mind. They serve to form both efficient and united workstations with a frame that has been built to be interchangeable with all the tile systems they currently have, be it glass, fabric, tool tiles and even hard surface tiles. Their open base as well as their raceway system creates outstanding collections to readily match any design in your mind. Since Abound sets high standards today, they make it easier for your order to be ready tomorrow.

Accelerate offers a modern design which facilitates productivity and workflow within the entire office. Their design facilitates several configurations through one single simple solution and provides flexibility throughout. Accelerate has a wide array of features which includes 120 degree panels as well 72 inch panels, they can be stacking panels, frameless glass panels, and even swinging doors and are all adaptable to the user. They even feature endless fabric options for total user customization. Accelerate features a steel structure design which fully adapts to every business need. They allow moving, redesigning and rearrangement all at the user’s speed.


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