Embrace Office Interiors is an office furniture company based in Houston that has over 25 years of industry experience. We offer both used and new office chairs, cubicles, lounge seating, desking conference rooms, as well as professional installation. We have exclusive access and large purchasing power for high quality used products, and we are able to beat our competition on pricing each and every time. Our main mission to show all of our partners, employees, vendors, and customers that we truly care about you. We invest our friendship, expertise, money, and time into your business and will result in success coming naturally for everyone who is involved. Form our professional space planning services through our professional bonded installation we are the number one source to meet all of your office furniture needs. Embrace Office Interiors has professional sales staff who are experts in helping you choose the best products at the best prices at the right time. We offer you a free consultation for design, space planning, and product selection. We have multiple showrooms in the Houston area to visit so we invite you to get in touch with us today.


Ergonomics is a process of arranging or designing workplaces, systems, and products so they fit the individuals who use them. Most people are somewhat familiar with ergonomics and think it involves seating or the design of car instruments and controls – and it is – however it is much more as well. Ergonomics involves the design of anything involving people, work areas, health and safety, as well as sports and leisure. Ergonomics (which is called ‘human factors’ in North America) is an area of science that attempts to learn about human limitations and abilities, and then apply the learning to improve the interactions of people with environments, systems, and products. The aim of ergonomics is to improvement environments and work spaces to minimize risk of harm or injury. As technologies continue to change, so does the need to ensure that the tools that we use for play, rest, and work are designed to meet the requirements of our bodies.

Managerial Chairs

This type of chairs are practice for conference rooms and desk. They offer higher backs and larger seats compared to office task chairs. Features that managerial chairs tend to have are adjustable armrests, angle adjustment, back and seat adjustment, swivel, and height-adjustable seats. Managerial chairs have upholstery with a more formal look compared to task chairs, but at the same time are not as luxurious as the upholstery that executive chairs have.


This is a kind of office chair that is especially designed for used in meeting rooms, conference rooms, and other places where you visit with clients or guests. Since you might end up sitting in presentations or meetings for many hours at a time, it is very important that you have sturdy, comfortable chairs to keep your visitors and yourself at ease. Choosing high-quality office conference chairs is very important for your neck and back health as well. An ergonomic chair will help with promoting good posture to prevent extending sitting times from negatively affecting your body.

Lounge and Reception Chairs

Your reception area is is where visitors receive their first impression of your company, and if
your days tend to be busy, then you don’t want your prospects or clients to be uncomfortable
while they are waiting. Office reception chairs provide the comfort and style you need to provide
your brand with a positive first impression and the comfort while people are waiting. Modern
Office offers both modern and traditional reception seating options, and reception room chairs
that are made out of various materials, including metal, upholstery, leather, and mesh. In
addition we have bright colors, neutral colors and traditional colors such as navy blue and red.
With our practically endless number of options, you will be able to find the perfect combination
for your reception area decor.


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