Tips To A More Comfortable Office Chair In Houston

If your job involves sitting at an office workstation for long hours, you then understand the importance of a comfortable and ergonomic chair. An ergonomic chair helps support your back thus reducing the risk of bad posture and back pains among other issues that come with staying seated for too long. As long as the chair is supportive and comfortable enough, none of these issues should arise in the future.

Your current office chair might be worn out or lack the features needed for proper back support. While replacing the chair with a more comfortable one would solve most of these issues, this might not be an option at the moment. Making a few adjustments to the chair can however help fix some of these issues. Here are 9 tips and tricks on how to make your chair more comfortable.

1. Sit Properly

Learn to sit straight on your chair at all times. Whether working on the computer or talking to a client/colleague, sitting straight will relieve excess pressure from your back. Haunch on your desk or sitting with your legs crossed or in the air will only cause lots of strain to the back. That said, learn to sit properly and adjust yourself until you feel comfortable enough. As a rule of thumb, your feet should always be on the floor and your hips perpendicular to the floor. It’s by maintaining the right posture that you’ll realize the chair wasn’t to blame after all. Get a smart posture device if maintaining the right posture seems too much for you.

2. Adjust Your Chair To A Position

If your chair is several years old, you might want to readjust it a bit to ensure you are comfortable enough. Be sure to do this first thing in the morning when you get to the office. Adjust the height, seat, back, and arms to support your body and back well. Although this will only take a few minutes of your time, it will save you time the frustration of fidgeting all day long simply because the chair or its back support is misaligned.

3. Invest In A Back-Support Device

Investing in a back-support device would be a wise idea for those suffering from backpains. This device provides the necessary support for the back curvature while you sit. Lumbar support devices also provide additional padding for your chair, making it even more comfortable. Newer office chairs on the market today come equipped with these devices and additional support for improved comfort.

4. Consider Getting A Footrest

The chair might not be to blame for the discomfort. Your back might be paining simply because your feet are always hanging in the air. If lowering the chair only makes the desk seem too high up, then getting a footrest might help solve the problem. Do not undermine the power of the footrest. This small device will help keep your feet well-aligned with your body and rested. This should eliminate issues of restlessness and fatigue at the end of the day. A good footrest, coupled with a lumbar support device, should make you more comfortable and even want to sit longer. It is also known to improve overall posture while improving blood circulation.

5. Go For Adjustable Arms For The Chair

Adjustable arms are as crucial in an office chair as lumbar support. That said, you should consider having your chair fitted with adjustable arms for even better support. These armrests eliminate the need or feel of suspended arms as you work on various tasks. This means you won’t suffer from stiff arms and shoulders anymore. Unless your chair already has fixed arms, go for adjustable ones for improved support and comfort. Some of the best office chair armrests can be raised and lowered depending on the user’s needs and posture.

6. Remove Any Parts You Feel Unnecessary

Some chairs are designed for short, tall, or even slim persons. If your chair seems too small for your build, you should then consider getting rid of parts that seem unnecessary. An excellent example of this is a chair with removable arms. An individual with a larger body build will feel uncomfortably confined between the two armrests. Getting rid of these should provide additional support hence make you more comfortable. If this isn’t an option, you can choose to exchange chairs with a colleague or take on weight loss.

7. Adjust The Table

A typical office desk is 29-inches high. While this might be the standard height, it might be too short or tall for some people. That said, adjusting its height can improve your comfort levels. This is particularly important if the table is too low. Keep adjusting the table until you can work on various projects comfortably without complaining of fatigue or back pains.

An adjustable standing desk might come in handy for your case. Standing desks make it possible for one to work on various tasks while on your feet. These tables are designed to increase productivity, improved physical exercise, provide an energy boost, as well as keep you healthy. You can even invest in a standing desk converter if using a fixed desk.

8. Add Wheels To Your Chair

Most office chairs come with built-in wheels. Whether your chair has some or not, making a few modifications to the chair might help give it a new look and comfort. Some chairs may only require a new set of wheels while others have to be modified to have this feature. Whatever your option is, adding wheels to an office chair makes it more practical and comfortable. You will not longer have to lift the chair when you have to get from your workstation – a simple push will move it out of your way. The new feature may eliminate the need to invest in a new chair.

9. Invest In A More Comfortable & Ergonomic Chair

If all the tricks and methods discussed above don’t seem to work, then investing in a new chair is the only option you have. You will need a reasonable budget to get yourself a good and comfortable chair. A nice office chair should cost a few hundred dollars. While it may seem like much, nothing can match the comfort you will get, and most importantly, you’ll be investing in your health. You could even sacrifice a few more hundred dollars for a premium chair with all the support and comfort features you need for your back.

All the tips, ideas, and tricks outlined above are meant to help to have a more comfortable chair. Investing in a good and comfortable chair will not only play a huge role in your productivity but will also save you from back pains years to come. Investing in a good chair isn’t enough for a healthy back. Learn to take breaks between tasks and walk around for improved blood circulation.

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