What You Need To Know About Houston Task Chairs

When office chairs are chosen, you have to carefully consider who will be sitting on it and what they are going to be doing. There are different chairs which are better for different tasks. While there are chairs that have an all-purpose nature and can be used for different functions by different people, there are others that are task orientated.

What Is A Task Chair?

A task chair is a functional chair that is suitable for a variety of tasks and body types. They have a low-back and are extremely popular. It is possible to get task chairs with arms or without depending on the person using it. Task chairs are often found in academic settings and in offices.

Task chairs are also known as steno chairs. This is due to the history of the chairs as they were originally used by stenographers. Employees working in secretarial roles and within typing pools would also traditional use these chairs.

Task chairs are considered the utility chair in the office. This is due to the fact that they can be used by a variety of people for a range of different tasks. These chairs can also slide easily under a desk and will be inexpensive when compared to other office chairs. All of these features make them ideal for form rooms, student computer facilities, and libraries.

The Difference Between Task Chairs & Executive Chairs

Task chairs are a more portable type of office chair because of the low backs and no-fuss nature. They can also be moved between rooms on an as-needed basis. Executive chairs are different and often thought of as manager chairs because of their size and appearance. The size of these chairs makes it harder for them to be moved and they will usually stay in one room such as the boardroom or office of the user. Executive chairs are also ergonomically fitted to suit an individual user in most cases.

Both of these chairs will be adjustable and comfortable. They also adhere to good ergonomic principles. However, the task chair will be easier to move around the office and to use in various settings.

What To Look For In A Task Chair

As task chairs are utility chairs, one of the features that stands out will be the fact that they are economical. Of course, all chairs will vary in price and will come with different features. There are some considerations that need to be taken into account when looking for task chairs for your office.

The Adjustability

Most task chairs will have a lever you can use to adjust them. This adjusts will be done based on the height of the user. It is important to note not all task chairs will have a multi-tilt function.

The Armrests

Task chairs with armrests are ideal for people who do a lot of typing. If the primary user of the chair will do this, choosing one with armrests is recommended. However, if you are looking for chairs for more common spaces such as the conference room, task chairs without armrests will be better.

A Headrest

If the primary user will be conducting reading-intensive tasks such as proofreading, a headrest is a good feature to have. This will encourage an upright position and reduce strain on the neck and upper back.

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