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At Embrace Office Furniture, we aim at meeting our clients’ office furniture needs while providing good customer service. However, our main mission is to focus on the relationships we have with each and every client by creating, building and maintain these relations.

Office furniture is as much a passion as it is our calling!

If you are in the Houston area and looking for an experienced office furniture dealer, then we are pleased to let you know that Embrace Office Furniture has an experience of over 25 years and we are honest and cost-effective. Be it bonded professional installation or professional space planning, we are your reliable source.

When it comes to the selection of the right product, at the right time and price, then our professional staff from the sales department will see you through that selection. Free consultation on design, space planning and selection of products is offered by the same sales staff. We invite you today to visit our many showrooms around Houston.

Being an office furniture company with vast experience, we offer used and new cubicles, lounge seating, office chairs, desk conferencing rooms, and even professional installation. Our buying power is vast and we have access to top quality furniture. Also, our competitors can’t reach our level all because of our pricing. We at Embrace Office Furniture, focus in demonstrating to our partners, vendors, employees, and customers that we care and we will invest our time, friendship, expertise and money towards the success of the client’s businesses since their success is ours as well.


At the Embrace Office Furniture, there is usually a detailed conversation during a consultation between our two decades experienced sales team and the client where they discuss the budget, space, and needs of the client. That way, our sales team is able to get started on the work.

Being one of the best high-quality office furniture producers in Houston, we at the Embrace Office Furniture take pride in saying that we offer all office furniture needs that range from new office desks to conferencing tables to cubicles not forgetting storage solutions, office and reception furnishings. In collaboration with the clients, our team of design consultants help in designing your office, selecting the best furniture, planning office outfit, delivering and even installation. Give Embrace Office Interior Company a call and let them sort you out on all of your office furniture needs.

Contact us at 713-853-9533 for affordable rates at High-Quality Office Furniture. Feel free to fill up our contact form in case there’s a need for any immediate assistance required. Once the form is filled, Embrace Office Furniture representatives will get in touch with you.

Our company offers individualized solutions that are tailored to a client’s needs and most importantly budget. When you talk about professional space planning, professional furniture installation, reconfiguration or even building work stations or systems suited for a particular business by using either refurbished, new or custom pieces, we at Embrace Office Furniture are the people to offer you with all those office furniture needs.

Our sales staff are experienced and highly trained hence qualified to offer you the help you require in the selection of the right product at a good price precisely unique to your office space. Free consultation is offered by the same team on the selection of products, space planning and interior design ideas. Embrace Office Furniture, owns multiple showrooms that are distributed strategically all around Houston. Specific directions to these showrooms can be obtained by calling us.