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Getting a commercial Greater East End furniture dealer is easy, but getting a quality furniture dealer is more difficult. Embrace Office Furniture is here for you. We have been in the business of providing quality furniture industry for more than two decades now thus well-endowed to cater for all office furniture needs in Greater East End.

Embrace Office Furniture has spent more than 25 years servicing office furniture needs for Houston and surrounding areas. Our experience with dealing with different office furniture products and clients has enabled us to carve out a niche as experts in the furniture industry. We have what it takes to deliver you that new or second-hand desk, chair or cubicle that fits your budget.

Our experienced sales staff are professional in picking out the right product for the right customer. When you need advice on the best chairs, desks or custom designs for your office, our design experts are here for you. Whether new or used, our office furniture has one thing in common; they are of high quality.

Our relationship with our clients is a never-ending priority. Through our quality staff, we make sure that our customer’s furniture and communication needs are met. You can get professional installation and office furniture service at Embrace Office Furniture.

It is easy to know whether you have picked the right furniture for your office. Our trained sales staff offer full information to help in office furniture selection. You can get the available office furniture at the nearest Greater East End showroom.

Embrace Office Furniture is here to help you furnish your office with new seating, conference tables, cubicles and professional installation services. Our office tables are unique to provide you with more working space, storage space and eating area. Our office storage cabinets are multifunctional and can be configured to include receptacle bins, or work with movable shelves.


While still new for some commercial furniture providers, office décor is not new to Embrace Office Furniture. We have for 20 plus years helped businesses effectively manage their office space while maintaining their set office furniture budget. Our furniture solutions are arrived at after seating with each of our clients. After advising our clients, we allow them to choose their best office furniture. 

Are you wondering if your furniture will be delivering and installed in your office? No need to worry Embrace Office Furniture will do it for you. We have the necessary resources in and around Greater East End to deliver your office furniture.

We are keen on making quality office furniture accessible to small and large business enterprises in and around Greater East End. 

You can visit our showrooms in and around Greater East End or Contact us at 713-853-9533 to start your refurbishing journey. Fill your contact form to get immediate assistance.