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Our mission at Embrace Office Furniture is to strive to maintain relationships with all the clients of our company. Our main objective is to satisfy our client’s office furniture needs that they yearn for and to provide the top rated customer care services.

Our passion for office furniture at Embrace Office Furniture has made it our calling!

The over 25 years in the office furniture industry, has earned our Embrace Office Furniture Company experience, honesty and cost-effectiveness. Furniture needs such as professional space planning or bonded installation are all found at our Embrace Office Interior Company.

At Embrace Office Furniture, our sales staff are experts who will show clients around the many showrooms in Houston, offer free consultation on design, product selection and space planning. They offer assistance in the selection of products that are right for the client’s needs, budget and time.

Being an office furniture company based in Houston and with over 25 years of experience, we are able to offer an extensive range of products and services including new and used cubicles, desking conference rooms, lounge seating, office chairs and professional installation just to mention but a few. Every day, we make it our mission to prove to our clients, employees, vendors and partners that we care about them and that we are committed to investing our time, friendship, money and expertise to ensure the success of both their businesses and ours.


Our sales team over the years during the consultation, have mastered the art of collecting detailed information from our clients about their budget, space and office needs. This has enabled them to work efficiently and deliver results that are contending to the clients.

At Embrace Office Furniture, we are able to provide cubicles, conference tables, storage solutions, new desks, and office and reception furnishings that are of high quality. We are also staffed with design consultants that work together with our clients to design the client’s office, select perfect furniture for the client’s office and plan the office outfit. We also deliver the chosen furniture and install it. Call Embrace Office Furniture Company for all your office furniture needs to be fulfilled.

Call us for high-quality office furniture at affordable rates at 713-853-9533. Fill out our contact form in case you need more information or assistance and our representatives at Embrace Office Furniture will get in touch.

Individualized solutions that are tailored to a client’s budget and needs are offered at Embrace Office Furniture. Systems or workstations that are tailored for a client’s business are built by us using a combination of either new, custom or refurbished pieces. Basically, we have solutions to all your office furniture needs from reconfiguration, professional furniture to professional space planning.

Whether its choosing the right product at the right price by a client or free consultation on interior designs ideas or space planning, our experienced sales team that have been trained properly will ensure that they offer you assistance to your satisfaction. Through phone calls, we also offer directions to our many showrooms around Houston.