The Effective Office Furniture Company, Commercial Furniture Dealer & Interior Design Service In Lawndale/ Wayside, TX


The motivation behind our company’s existence is to meet every client’s furniture needs at an affordable price while maintaining cordial relationships with our clients because without you we are nothing. Most of you have probably been searching high and low in the streets of Lawndale/ Wayside for a trusted company that would meet all your furniture needs and be your trusted dealer. Look no further.

Our company has been patiently waiting for you to stumble upon us. Now that you have found us, embrace yourself for this roller coaster ride of splendid and pocket-friendly furniture deals at the palm of your hands. Our expertise in furniture is vast and not limited to bonded office installation and professional office space planning.

Our company has been around for about 25 years and has culminated so much information on varieties of furniture during the few years we have been in existence. Rest assured that all your exotic and rare furniture tastes can be satisfied by our company. Our showrooms are at your beck and call. Whenever you feel ready to view the variety of furniture under our roof. Having a hard time choosing furniture from our vast collection? No need to worry.

Our professional sales staff are ready to help you chose the furniture of your dreams to blend in win your personal office decor without having to cater for more costs like repainting so that the furniture could match the wall paintings. Other services offered by our company include the provision of office furniture, lounge seating, used cubicles, installing of conference rooms, storage rooms, reception furnishing and any other types of office furniture.

Having existed for over 2 decades, we have learned that communication with our esteemed clients goes a long way as it helps us understand their desires in furniture. We encourage enlightening conversations between our sales personnel and our clients. The conversations are not pointless chit chats since they revolve around the client’s budget, office space available and the suggestions they may be having about what they might be looking for.

Once the furniture has been chosen and paid for, our company offers transport services to the location of preference as requested by the client. Installation of the furniture is also assured. Our services are not limited to Lawndale/ Wayside and its environs. Residents of other cities should not why away because we have something available for everyone whether new, customized or refurbished furniture. 

We would like to hear from you and get a visit from you. Those interested in learning more about our deals or purchasing furniture should kindly fill out our forms and one of our representatives who are available round the clock will get back to you immediately. You could also contact us via the number 713-853-9533 for more inquiries. Come one come all. Our doors are open to all.