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Our mission at Embrace Office Furniture is to establish and prolong a dynamic relationship with our loyal customers.we are pleased to say that, we can meet all of your Office furniture requirements. We provide significant client services.

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At Embrace Office Furniture we have over 25 years of knowledge in the office furniture industry.we are based in the Houston area with multiple showrooms around. We stock office furniture from cubicles, lounge seats, office chairs, desks, and furniture installation. We are at the top of our competitors because of the vast buying power we have which makes us have unbeatable prices. Our primary purpose is to show every customer, employee, dealers, and staff that we care very much about the well being of their business success. We invest our time and expertise to deliver exceptional results.

We are honest, full of experience and our furniture are affordable. We are the best dealers of furniture in Houston with over two decades of experience. From professional office planning to certified installation, we provide for all of your offices wants.

At Embrace Office Furniture, we have skilled sales representatives, who are experts in assisting you in singling out the right furniture with affordable prices at the right time. We don’t charge our consultation with office planning, designing, and selection of the furniture. We invite you to come for a visit to our several showrooms today.

Our solutions for your office needs are custom made to fit your needs and your budget. At our company, we capable of building your dream office system or workstations that corresponds to your business model. These can be achieved by combining new, refurbished and custom made pieces. We also do reconfiguration, space designing and installation of the furniture by our skilled team. We sort all of your office needs.

Embrace Office Furniture is recognized as top providers of high and distinct quality of office furniture in Houston. We are a large company covering office products and services. We provide storage facilities, reception furnishing, conference furniture installation, desks new or old, cubicles, etc. Our design consultants work directly with our customers to come up with an excellent plan of how you want your office to look. They will help with officer décor and get the perfect product for you. After all this, we deliver your furniture and do the installation. If you around Houston feel free to visit us at our showrooms. You can also call at 713-853-9533.

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