Generating A Green Office: Create An Environment Millenials Will Appreciate

By 2025, Millennials will be holding up to three-quarters of all the jobs available in the world. It makes sense to focus on building and creating ideas that will be of importance to them in order to ensure a company’s success. One thing that millennials are concerned about is being eco-friendly and sharing in concern for the global environment.

Many reports show that the Earth is experiencing problems that are about to set most every living thing back. There are a growing number of animal species becoming extinct. This is due to droughts and other natural disasters. These also took a great number of human lives. Millennials care about these issues and want to do anything possible to go green for the sake of all living beings.

If you want to make your workplace eco-friendly for your Millenials, you can do a few things to accomplish this:


They are expensive, but solar panels are also a good option for lowering energy bills and saving energy at the same time. If your workplace is in a place where there is more sun than not overtime, definitely look into buying solar power panels. You can use other forms of energy alternatively but using mostly solar will conserve so much when powering your offices.

For instance, plug any devices that use a lot of energy into the solar grid. This lets you lower any emissions and pay less for energy use. Use the extra money as donations to any and all environmental causes that are devoted to preserving the environment for future generations.


Use recycle bins wherever you can in the office. Always post explicit directions for what to place in these bins and how to place them inside. One of the most important things you can recycle is paper. An additional way to recycle is to buy office products made from mostly recycled materials. These steps demonstrate a willingness to be environmentally helpful.


Plants make for great office decorations. They offer a relaxing effect and soothe everyday stress. Another aspect of plants is their ability to produce oxygen. Place them all throughout your offices and give everyone, including the Millennials, a more comfortable environment in which to work. Plants agree with the Millennial perspective and are another way to demonstrate a desire to be as eco-friendly as possible.


This may seem like an odd one, but the truth is that old, worn out windows let in hot and cold air. This causes you to use more air conditioning and heat to cool or heat your workplace. When you use a lot more heat or air you force your HVAC system to work harder and pump more harmful gases into the atmosphere. This only adds to the greenhouse effect.

Replace any worn windows or just replace the sealant as needed. You will prevent these problems. Also, do not forget to use quality window shades. In Australia, there are about 340 sunny days every year. Heavy shades are ideal for blocking out the excess sun which can disrupt your workers. You can also use bare windows as needed to allow everyone a good view where possible.


There are a lot of ways you can use less energy. One important way is to buy energy-efficient equipment. Shop for items that have a label on them which shows how efficient they are. They can cost more but they are worth it. You will notice the difference on your next month’s bill which will be a lot lower than the month before.

LED lights are a great investment. They use less energy, last longer than traditional bulbs and do not emit a lot of heat. Install smart thermostats in your office, too. They will turn off systems like the HVAC and lights as needed. Smart devices can be controlled from your phone with a simple touch.


You can show you care about your employees by creating an efficient, energy-conserving office. Eco-friendly offices are appealing to Millennials who will appreciate all your efforts to create a comfortable workplace and save the environment.

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