Seven Important Factors To Consider When Designing Your Office In Houston

Designing an office is about more than just figuring out where to place the furniture and accessories. Instead, it is about putting together a space that functions efficiently and that supports the mental health and well-being of the employees who work there.

1. Keep Your Company’s Culture In Mind When Creating The Design

When someone talks about the culture of your business, they are referring to the unique character traits that set it apart from other businesses. A well-designed office will take these traits into account, creating a space that perfectly reflects the personality of your business. Before beginning the design process, sit down with everyone involved to brainstorm some phrases or images that help define your culture. Use these ideas as inspiration when designing your space.

2. Study The Work Habits Of Your Employees

Make the most of the space by designing it around the specific needs of your employees. The best way to do that is by observing how they work. Pay attention to how employees connect with one another. What features or characteristics hinder their ability to collaborate? Are there any areas in the office where congestion occurs? What parts of the current design are serving your company well? What parts could be redesigned to function better? Do your employees have any issues or complaints about the current set up? Keeping an eye on the flow of traffic through space can give you a lot of valuable information that you can use during the design process.

3. Combine Open Spaces With Private Areas

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your office space has to be either entirely open or entirely private. Instead, consider combining both layouts. The best office designs incorporate open areas where workers can collaborate and private areas where they can work alone without distractions. Creating a flexible workspace that provides a variety of different options for working is ideal.

4. Understand That The Design Of Your Office Can Impact The Productivity Of Your Workers

Researchers have found that the design of an office can affect productivity by up to 20%. The environment that employees work in can have a dramatic effect on their ability to do their jobs. Everything from the furniture to the way the spaces laid out can impact productivity.

5. Inspirational Office Spaces Motivate Employees

In the past, the goal was to create a good work/life balance for employees. Today’s workers, however, usually don’t view things in black-and-white. The line between their work and their life is a lot less clearly defined. In many cases, they aren’t as concerned about getting more personal time as they are about doing something meaningful and feeling good about their work.

6. Bring Natural Light Into Space

In order to thrive, humans require plenty of natural light. Light can have a big influence on how people feel, both physically and mentally. Exposure to natural light promotes the production of serotonin, which is a mood-altering chemical that helps people feel happy and attentive. Without enough light exposure, serotonin levels are reduced and melatonin production kicks in. This hormone is responsible for making people feel sleepy. Based on this, bringing more light into space can go a long way toward creating a more active, happy workforce.

7. Create A Visually Stimulating Space

Human beings are visual creatures. The world that they see around them can impact the way that they feel. Ultimately, the design of the office should not only be functional but also attractive. When deciding on colors, consider the character traits of your company, the type of work that is completed in the space, and the overall effect that you are going for. Incorporate elements in the design that help visually reinforce the overall culture of the company.

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