Consideration For Revamping The Workplace Breakroom

When it comes to refurbishing the breakroom, be it via a redesign or a new installation, you need to expand your options. Always remember that the office breakroom is an area that can have different activities. It is where people go to get away from the strain of their workstations. As such, the room should be welcoming and comfortable so that your employees can feel relaxed when they are there on break.

Therefore, the dimension, the décor, and furniture in the cafeteria should work collectively towards that goal. Regarding the furniture, below is a quick guide on what you need to get for the breakroom.

1. Tables

As you shop for the tables to get for the cafeteria, do so after having answered this essential question, “what type of tables should I buy?” unfortunately, the answer will be based on various factors. For instance, the size of the room will influence the size and design of the table. The quality of the materials used to make the table is also another thing to consider. Your option will be limited if you have a small area and they will seem endless if you have a breakroom large enough to accommodate nearly a hundred people at a time.

The cafeterias with a standard space can benefit from a mix of large and small tables; it is an option that avails the freedom of choice for your employees. Round tables are ideal for a small breakroom since they create the illusion of more space. A room that is more of a lounge area can benefit from coffee and end tables.

2. Seating

If you are getting tables, then you also need to account for the chairs; it is wise to go for the standard height tables and chairs. The café height tables can also work for your breakroom and will need you to invest in the café height stools. If the room has a bar, you need to get counter height stools and some bar height ones too. Ensure that the chairs you pick are made from durable materials metal, wood, or plastic. They should not break easily and should not be hard to clean. To vary the seating choice, consider investing sofas and couches that help transform the office cafe into a cozy lounge for the employees to relax and enjoy.

3. Décor

Lastly, keep in mind that décor should exude functionality while also having an emotional component so that both things help improve the employees’ sense of comfort and relaxation when in the room. So, a splat of artwork and soothing paint colors can add some life to the dreary, blank walls. Installing a mini water fountain can add to the overall soothing and relaxing setting you would want the breakroom to have. Throw pillows, and a charming area rug can be seating alternatives that also add to the décor. Small statures, flower vases, and other table centerpieces can also help enhance the overall décor.

4. Storage

The cafeteria should have ample storage space to accommodate the cookware, dishes, and other items. It, therefore, should always look clean and presentable. That means that you should invest in good shelves, cabinets, and other storage options for the dishes and other supplies. A refrigerator is necessary; it helps ensure foods stay fresh. A bar cart will be necessary if items need to be moved around the place. Having coat racks are adjacent to the entrance and coat stand next to the sofas will provide the workers with where to hang their jackets as they eat. Availing different reading material such as magazines is an excellent idea, but one that should see you consider getting a storage ottoman for keeping the books and magazines.

5. Accessories

As you think and plan for the big things, do not forget the small stuff. Floor mats will help enhance the décor of the breakroom. You will need cleaning supplies as well as waste and recycling containers. Also, establish guidelines of how people are expected to conduct themselves while in the cafeteria and communicate the rules to your workers. For instance, everyone should not leave litter lying around while waste bins are available and place and strategies places in the room. For those seeking to clean up their cubicle, ensure the all the employees know where they can get the office cleaning supplies.

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