Conference Tables – Seating And Size.

Having a conference room in your business facility is important. That is because conference rooms are considered to be the meeting point for your business board, where various functions and discussions are made such as business presentations, propositions, and planning of how to grow the business. Because of this reason, it is important to equip your conference room with unique furniture, especially a conference table.

Choosing The Best Conference Table.

A conference table is considered to be the most important piece of furniture found in a conference room. That is why it is vital that you find a conference table that will meet all your conference needs. However, it is advisable that you consider the following factors when choosing a conference table for your business facility.

1. Space For Placing The Conference Table.

The first thing that you need to consider is where to place the conference table. Conference tables can be found in different sizes and shape. Because of this reason, it is important that you measure the size of your conference room so that you can get a conference table that will fit perfectly.

Furthermore, ensure that the conference table you choose is spacious enough to accommodate other accessories that are used in the conference room such as projection screen, audiovisual cart and even a blackboard for presentation.

2. How Often Will It Be In Use?

You also need to ask yourself how often a conference table is used in your business facility. Besides frequent use, you also need to consider other key factors such as the number of staff who will be using this particular furniture? Will it be used for other purposes besides presentation and planning? And lastly, the nature of people who will be using the conference table. This will make it easy for you to decide whether to purchase a solid wooden or modular conference table.

3. The Size Of The Conference Table.

Conference tables are not of the same size, but most of them are wide in size measuring at 60 inches and have a depth of about 24 inches. You also need to acknowledge the fact that most manufacturers specialize in the same set of styles and tables, making it difficult to find something unique for your business facility. The only features that do not match on these conference tables are the color, the width, and the finishing.

To help you acquire an ideal conference table, below is a chart indicating the size or seating capacity, the number of people that a conference table can serve, room size and lastly the size of the conference table.

Conference Table Size / Minimum Room Size / Optimum Room Size / Seating Capacity.

  • 13L x 12W / 15.5L x 13W / 60W x 30D 4-6
  • 14L x 12W / 15.5L x 13W / 72W x 48D 4-6
  • 15L x 12W / 16.5L x 13W / 84W x 48D 4-6
  • 16L x 12W / 17.5L x 13W / 96W x 48D 6-8
  • 18L x 12W / 19.5L x 13W / 120W x 48D 8-10
  • 20L x 12W / 21.5L x 13W / 144W x 48D 10-12
  • 21L x 12W / 22.5L x 14 W / 150W x 48D 10-12
  • 22L x 13W / 23.5L x 14W / 168W x 58D 12-14
  • 23L x 13W / 24.5L x 14W / 180W x 58D 12-14
  • 24L x 13W / 25.5L x 14W / 192W x 58D 14-16
  • 28L x 13W / 29.5L x 14W / 240W x 58D 18-20
  • 32L x 13W / 33.5L x 14W / 288W x 58D 22-24

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