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Conference Table Types

Conference tables are available in different shapes. Among the various types of conference tables you can choose for your office there are:

Rectangular Conference Tables

Despite being around for ages, rectangular conference tables are still in great demand due to their functional features. Thanks to their tabletops with a standard flat surface, these rectangular conference tables work best for both business meetings and staff training sessions. Furthermore, you can easily join them together to create a bigger table. This enables you to customize your table to suit your specific needs or the size of your boardroom.

Boat Shaped Conference Tables

The convex sides with rounded corners of these conference tables make them look classy and high-end. They are the ideal solution for conference rooms designed to host video presentations and conferences.

Oval Or Racetrack Conference Tables

These tables are very elegant, with their sleek design, curvy lines, and rounded contours. They are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your conference room with ease. All you need is the patience to browse through all models available to find the one that suits you best.

Octagonal Conference Tables

Octagonal conference tables come in either rectangular or rounded shape. They work best in smaller spaces, where other shapes may be difficult to accommodate. Nevertheless, a rectangular octagonal conference table placed in a very large conference room can also create a powerful visual impact on your guests, as it will become the main visual focus element in this space.

Circular Conference Tables

Circular or round conference tables are suitable for small or average size boardrooms. These tables can offer enough room for all participants and set the stage for a more informal and relaxed meeting, as all persons will feel they hold an equally important spot at the table.

How To Plan Your Conference Room

After choosing your table, you should consider planning the conference room. This will offer you a good idea about the best positioning of your boardroom furniture. The following tips will help you plan your conference room in the right way.

When positioning the chairs around your table, allocate approximately 30″ distance for each of them.
The walls should be at 48″ to 56″ from the conference table.
The back of the chair should be about 24″ from the wall. This will enable you to walk without having to show your profile to pass.
If you’re going to hold visual presentations, leave approximately 56″ between the table and the display.
Last but not least, allocate about 30″ distance between the presentation board and the head of the table. This will allow the individual presenting to stand and move easily.

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