11 Office Jobs That Will Have You Longing For A Cubicle In Houston

It might become a thing in the past to work inside of a cubicle soon, with many current office spaces choosing lower horizon workspace featuring open floor plans instead. Current trends are stressing using space efficiently and integrated technology.

To successfully navigate the current office culture, it is key to embody your organization’s core values to become a genuine team player. The following are 11 office job that will have you longing for a cubicle:

1. Receptionist

Customer-oriented and friendly people who like to stay busy will enjoy working at the receptionist desk. The receptionist does everything, from answering the phones to handling the paperwork and greeting clients.

2. Administrative Assistant

Whether as part of a team or solo, an administrative assistant might be asked to analyze data or prepare reports. They can often work a flexible schedule. Having the ability to handle workflow with minimum technical knowledge requirements and identify workable solutions is a true asset for any organization to have.

3. Executive Assistant

As an important right-hand man or woman, your job is keeping the executive on track and organized. Having the ability to work well with a mentor not only requires you to have a thirst for knowledge but flexibility and being willing to change priorities as necessary. Assignments need to always be delivered on time and you must have the ability to recognize quickly what things are business-critical.

4. Office Manager

The office manager is versatile, productive, and organized, and oversees office staff, interacts with clients, generates financial reports, and helps with scheduling. Having a good working knowledge of tools such as Microsoft Office Suite can go a long way towards building an experienced and well-rounded profile.

5. Accountant

Tracking receivables and payments, an accountant is efficient, organized, and of course, good with numbers. they have a thorough working knowledge of different software programs like Excel and QuickBooks and have a keen eye for detail and accuracy as well.

6. Bookkeeper

Analytical and organized, bookkeepers have the appropriate research skills as well as a good working knowledge of various software programs, including Microsoft Office applications. In the accounting world, attention to detail and critical deadlines are always essential.

7. Payroll Specialist

Preparing summary reports and spreadsheets are daily tasks. Payroll specialists value accuracy when analyzing records. They maintain the highest level of confidentiality and have integrity.

8. Billing Coordinator

The billing coordinator, along with generating and mailing invoices, maintains accurate records, communicates with customers about collection issues occasionally, and submits all insurance paperwork properly.

9. Human Resources Director

Procedures and policies are developed by HR directors that best reflects the core values of the organization. Developing a proactive development strategy, identifying the needs of individual employees, and supporting and training supervisions and managers, the HR director embodies the ethical system of the organization.

10. IT Manager

Information technology managers don’t mind being referred to as “techies.” They have outstanding troubleshooting skills across different platforms. They have the knowledge and skills to establish system specs, use native Performance Monitors, as well as support, design, and implement web servers.

11. Facilities Manager

The maintenance team is overseen by the facilities manager. They handle the receipt and shipping of warehouse inventory, as well as coordinate and arrange deliveries and pickups with vendors. They have general maintenance responsibilities as well.

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